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"Hi Terri, I'm really excited about all my beautiful new dragons that I got from you this year! Thank you so much!" – Matt Judd

“I am so happy with the colors you picked out for me, one showing extreme yellow and the other turning very green I can't wait to see what they'll look like when they're older.  They look even better than in the photos.  I want to say a big thank you for putting up with me, it has definitely been worth it. Love the work you do, still obsessing over your collection!”- Kevin Temple

NEWS! REPTILES MAGAZINE, the premier herp mag, has voted the FID Citrus color morph as #1 of their 15 Best of the Best color morphs of ALL reptile morphs submitted over the past 15 years. We are grateful to the staff at Reptiles for this prestigious honor. See the Best of the Best in Reptiles USA.

UPDATED: 10/15/21

Text: 717-357-5231 - Instagram: fire_and_ice_dragons

Landline: 717-359-8669 

* NEWS!!!

* News!!! A new clutch of Super Citrus was laid last night!!! Details to follow. We are accepting pre-orders now!!!

Email terri@fireandicedragons.com , text 717 357 5231 or call 717 359 8669 (landline) if interested.


Payment plans available on pre-orders over 300.

1. WOW!!! 18 Month Old Super Citrus Leatherback Female
 Here, she is ready to breed!
Parents: "Abby" x "Mojo"
18"     398 grams     


2. Super Citrus x Fire Red
100% Het Translucent babies hatched 8/3.  
Parents: "Morningstar" x "Duke"

3. Hypo Pastel FEMALE  
Parents: Unnamed Hets
15"     220 grams    


4. Awesome pattern!!! 100% Het Hypo and possible Het Zero.  
Leatherback MALE  
Parents: Unnamed Hets
14.5"     193 grams    


5.  STUNNING Hypo Citrus Orange Male
100% Het Translucent (in partial shed) 
13.5"       116 grams    


6. Hypo Orange Pastel Possible Het Zero Femal

Parents: Unnamed Hets
13.5"       116 grams    


7. Hypo Ice Leatherback FEMALE  
Parents: Unnamed Hets
12"     104 grams    



HAMM: If you would like to pick up dragons at the HAMM show in Germany, please inquire.





Super Citrus Clutch from
"Honeybee" x "Mojo"

Super Citrus Leatherback Female 

Super Citrus Male

Babies Due 11/20/21 - SOLD OUT 

Babies Due 12/12/21 - Accepting Pre-orders Now!!! 

Super Citrus and Super Citrus Leatherback offspring from this STUNNING pair!!!

Fire Red / Super Citrus Translucent x Fire Red Clutch from
"Pumpkin" x "Spook"

Fire Red / Super Citrus Translucent Female 

Fire Red Leatherback Male

Babies Hatched:  SOLD OUT

Fire Red/Orange with Citrus babies in Leatherback and normal scaled, 100% het translucent, from this amazing pair!!!

Super Citrus Clutch from
"April" x "Poe"

Super Citrus Female 

Super Citrus Leatherback Male

Babies Hatched: SOLD OUT

Super Citrus and Super Citrus Leatherback offspring from this brilliant pairing!!!

NEWS!!! The NEW Bearded Dragon Manual 2nd Edition is Now Available, rewritten by Fire and Ice Dragons owner Terri Sommella.

Your price: 27.50 shipped and signed.

  To Order:

Text 717-357-5231, email terri@fireandicedragons.com or call 1-717-359-8669.

Shipping: Please inquire. 2 dragons can usually ship for the same price.
We Ship by Fed Ex Next Day Air only.

Please read the Care Sheet section to set up your new dragon like he or she is here. This minimized stress and makes for a quicker adjustment. Happy dragons are bright dragons! Thanks.

Satisfaction and Health Guarantee can be found under the Pricing & Breeders page.

***We appreciate your business and referrals.***


Did you know? We breed for adult not baby color. Although many of our 100% Fire Reds are brilliant as babies, they do not fade unlike mixed breed dragons who are bright as babies then shed to beige adults. 100% Citrus gain color as they grow up to 1 year.

We have 3 bloodlines of Citrus dragons so we can cross them without inbreeding. They all look different as babies with one being almost all orange. By the time they become adults though, all 3 lines are Citrus yellow.

The final adult coloration depends on the genotype of the dragon or in other words, the parents and grandparents.

What is a Super Citrus Bearded Dragon? Super Citrus was the name created by Fire and Ice Dragons to distinguish our line of purebred hypomelanistic dragons from other mixed morphs that display a yellow color. The Fire and Ice line breeds true and so is a true morph. The first Standard of Excellence for any reptile was developed in 2003 and posted on the Fire and Ice Dragons website http://www.fireandicedragons.com/order.cfm. Despite any misinformation on the Internet, Super Citrus most assuredly CAN have brilliant orange somewhere on its body as an adult and two of our 3 genetic lines display orange color as babies. Adult color depends to a large extent on the price the customer pays or what we call "color quality." While orange is less desirable in an adult, it is still a Super Citrus much like a Pug dog can become a champion but does not necessarily win at Westminster. But it is still a Pug. I hope this is helpful...

If you would like to see more customers comments and photos please visit our facebook page testimonials https://www.facebook.com/Fire-and-Ice-Dragons-144615098922873/?pnref=lhc and my personal page https://www.facebook.com/terri.sommella Your Likes are appreciated!

See the Resources section under "Picture Collectors" on why we take one excellent picture of each For Sale dragon.

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