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"Thanks for selecting such a stunner!!! He is gorgeous and a great eater!  
I would recommend you to anyone who was considering a beautiful dragon morph." - Tom Daniels, UK

Here are some photos of our breeders and breeding room. Enjoy your tour!

1 of 12 racks in the baby room in our facility. Wheels on the racks allow us to keep the room sparkling clean.

A section of adult racks in our Breeding Room.
Dragons are housed in clean, 4' cages with intense lighting.

Eggs are incubated in gladware containers, carefully monitored until the Big Day.

Eggs are leathery and white and
require 65 days of incubation.

Rare! Purple Paradox Super Citrus Translucent male, "Picasso."

Retired Breeder, "Storm."



"Goliath" Super Citrus Male



"Buttercup" Citrus Leatherback Female


"Sundance" Super Citrus Male
"Merlin" Super Citrus Male

"Spellbinder" Super Citrus Female

"Pebbles" Super Citrus Female


"Swan" Hypo Ice Female

"Flame" 100% Fire Red Male

"Glitter" Hypo Ice Leatherback Female

"Tarzan" 100% Fire Red Male

"Coral" 100% Fire Red Female

"Thor" Super Citrus Leatherback Male

Retired Breeder, "Goliath."

Retired Breeder, "Vulcan."


Retired Breeder, "Ferrari."



Retired Breeder, "Tempest."


Retired Breeder, "Trinket."


Retired Breeder, "Nova."






 All photos copyright of Terri Sommella, Adam Seltzer and Dan Clontz, Fire and Ice Dragons.  Reprint permission is required.