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"We appreciate the tour of Fire and Ice Dragons. We have been to many facilities but your set up is amazing and very clean, like a hospital. Your commitment and attention to detail is second to none. Thanks for giving me a whole new insight into dragon care." Mark Pickstock, UK


1. Pet Quality - The 1-2 dragons in each clutch with the least amount of color. These are available at a lower cost and show more color than pet store dragons and are males.

2. Breeder Quality - These dragons are average in color for the clutch.  


3. Hold Back Quality - These are beautiful dragons. A few of our breeders come from this group.


4. Collectors Quality - These are gorgeous dragons. Most of our breeders come from this group. 

5. Special Reserve - Really extraordinary dragons.

In some pairings, the genetic Pedigree is so valuable, all offspring are the same price according to which sex is ordered.




As always, we continue to work to produce elegant, jaw dropping color morphs.

All photos were taken in natural light using absolutely no enhancements. The dragons have been selectively bred over many years.



 "Lucy" is a Stunning Fire Red Het Hypo, Het Translucent female with a full red beard.
 "Poppy" is a Stunning Fire Red Leatherback female.   
 "Pumpkin" is a Fire Red x Super Citrus Translucent female.   
  "Griffin" is a Fire Red Translucent male.    
 "Trooper" is a Fire Red Translucent Het Hypo male who earned his name by jumping out of his cage like a paratrooper!   
 "Spook" is a Fire Red Leatherback male.
  This is a rare mutation we have produced from  Super Citrus x Hypo Ice. "Picasso" is a Purple Paradox Super Citrus Translucent. He has black eyes. He is also one of the most beautifully marked paradox we have seen.




"Merlin," a jaw-dropping 100% Citrus male with full Citrus beard and throat. With outstanding confirmation and noticeably golden eyes, "Merlin" displays a perfect lemon-lime Citrus coloration. He is no longer breeding, his offspring are producing  some that display his lemon-lime trait!


"Samson" is a stunning new HUGE Super Citrus Leatherback male. He has an amazing powerful block head in addition to gorgeous color. 

  "Sundance," one of the most brilliant 100% Citrus males with exceptional color and confirmation. He really is as yellow as a highlighter.
 "Poe," Super Citrus male.   
 "Puck" is a stunning new Super Citrus Leatherback male.    
  "Nugget," a Super Citrus male who was selected as one of the stars for my new book, The Bearded Dragon Manual. His screaming yellow color extends to cover his beard, throat and sides making him the most highly saturated Citrus we have bred thus far!
  "Mojo," a gorgeous, HUGE, tough, Super Citrus male.    
  "Nimbus," is a Stunning Super Citrus male currently producing with Super Citrus Leatherback female. "Halo." See For Sale Page for details!!!     
 "Butterfly" - is a Super Citrus female.  
 "Halo" - is a Stunning Super Citrus Leatherback female currently producing with Super Citrus male "Nimbus." See For Sale Page for details!!!  
 "Sunflower" - a favorite among customers, this Super Citrus female.
 "April" - a gorgeous Super Citrus Leatherback female.   
  "Vixen" - a Super Sweet Super Citrus Het Translucent Leatherback female.  


"Beauty" - a stunning new Super Citrus Leatherback female. 
 "Lily" is a surprise! She displays a pattern we call Pied - a white head, body and tail and bright Citrus legs!!! Click thumbnail to see larger image.



(Zeros, Snows, Hypo Snows, Ice, Weros)


"Sugar" is a Hypo Ice Leatherback female.   
"Yeti"  Hypo Zero Translucent male.  
"Sterling,"  Silver Zero Het Witblits male.

"Yukon,"  Hypo Ice Leatherback male.  


"Phantom" is a gorgeous Hypo Ice Leatherback male.  







Dragons within the US are shipped overnight through Fed Ex Next Day Air. All prices include double walled shipping boxes (Styrofoam and cardboard) and heat packs for shipping in cold weather.


We do not charge a handling fee. Multiple dragons can be shipped together in the same shipping box for a one-dragon rate. Fed Ex charges per box so, in this way, you can save significantly on shipping costs. We ship Monday - Wednesday. In most areas of the US, you will receive your new dragon by the next morning.


For shipments to Canada, please call or email for details.

For other International shipments: Please email for details.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Gift Cards. 

Please note: No refunds are given on payments or deposits for ordered dragons, dragons held for International shipment before the dragon has shipped, payment plans in default or any other reason. Thank you.



We guarantee that our dragons are healthy and eating well from hatching to the day of shipment. When you receive your dragon(s), if it is not what you wanted, or you are disappointed in any way, contact us within 24 hours. Return the dragon to us in good health immediately by Fed Ex Next Day Air on a Tuesday - Wednesday (to assure the dragon will not be lost over the weekend at a Fed Ex hub) with the nighttime low weather above 30 degrees in winter using an approved 40-hour heat pack in the original box and we will provide you with a replacement dragon. Do not ship above 90 degrees there, here or at your Hub. Customer pays all shipping. You may need to wait for the next available dragon for replacement. Please be aware that baby dragons shed every 2-3 weeks and change color with each shed. Our adults did not achieve full color until about 12 months of age. 


As far as shipping, if the worst should happen (extremely rare) and the dragon does not survive the shipment to your door by Fed Ex regular delivery schedule, we will send you one replacement.You must send us a photo time stamped within 30 minutes in the original shipping box. 


While we make every effort to accurately sex dragons, gender cannot be guaranteed. 

It is up to us to raise healthy beautiful bearded dragons.
It is up to you to educate yourself on the care of these amazing reptiles by following our Shopping List and Set Up Instructions sent with each order. Our health guarantee is for 14 days but does not include problems arising from incorrect husbandry.

You must be available to receive your dragon or any guarantee is void.

Once the dragon has shipped, notify us within 24 hours if something isn't right. Many times, a minor adjustment in temperature or other simple husbandry aspect corrects the issue of a new owner's concern. Do not wait. One day can make the difference between success and failure in creatures that are 7 inches long and bask at relatively high temperatures.


If you have a question or concern about eating, drinking or anything else, contact us immediately. Do not assume we will check caller ID or that we have your phone number at our fingertips. We receive many calls each day. If you receive voicemail, leave your phone number twice in case your message breaks up. Otherwise, we cannot return your call. We offer our recommendations to our customers freely, but we ask that you do your part in making your new reptile purchase a success.


Remember to call or email us with any questions on feeding and husbandry until all belly marks, which are signs of stress, disappear and your dragon is adjusting to its new environment. Eating, drinking and bright color are very important indicators that all is well and your new dragon is adjusting in his or her new home (see Care Sheet).

Contact: Text 717-357-5231, call 717-359-8669 or email terri@fireandicedragons.com.

United States - BDTS