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"Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work at the Fire and Ice Dragons facility many times. Working in the Herp lab for years at Bowling Green University, I have seen many reptiles. Fire and Ice has managed to produce dragons with amazing color while still maintaining impressive size and vigor. The Citrus are even more impressive in person than they are in the pictures. They simply glow in their cages. My dragons from Fire and Ice are the centerpiece of my collection." - Justin Ruffing

Thank you for stopping by Fire and Ice Dragons, boutique bearded dragon breeders who specialize in elegant high color morph bearded dragons for sale.

We breed for stunningly beautiful bearded dragons. We will also coach you in the correct way to set up these animals so they live a healthy life. 

Pedigrees are sent with each dragon purchased. The original breeders of the Super Citrus bearded dragon, these dragons are pure bred and breed true. We have expended much since then to offer other morphs we feel have the vigor to live a healthy life. See the For Sale page for availability.

The staff of REPTILES MAGAZINE has voted our Citrus color morph Bearded Dragons as #1 of their 15 Best of the Best color morphs of ALL reptile morphs submitted over the past 15 years. Thank You, Reptiles USA!!!


The FOR SALE section has pictures of available bearded dragons and upcoming clutches.

The PRICING & BREEDERS section shows many of our bearded dragon breeders, the health & satisfaction Guarantee as well as Shipping information.

The CARE SHEET provides instructions and tips on juvenile bearded dragon care, caging, foods and optimal temperatures. There is also a link to a Food Chart for adult bearded dragons.

To read the The Standard of Excellence for the Super Citrus Color Morph, click the CITRUS page. 

Visit the GALLERY for pics of our breeding facility, incubating bearded dragon eggs and a few of the breeders that have been with us in previous years.

The RESOURCES page provides you with additional information on care, product reviews, useful links, a new Q & A section and a ***POISONING ALERT!!!***


1. You will find the accurate information and on-going support you need. With 23 years experience, we have the knowledge to make your experience a fun and positive one! As the author of The Bearded Dragon Manual we accepted the challenge to provide easy to understand information for beginners. 

2. We are the originators of the first Reptile Pedigree Program in the world.

3. We also feed the best: Juveniles are fed 2 -3 times a day with a variety of protein foods including crickets, phoenix worms and Dubia roaches as well as pesticide-free, organically-grown greens.

4. We test the latest protocols for from the Vet community to assure that our recommendations to you are state-of-the-art in dragon care.

5. We make sure your bearded dragon is growing normally and eating well before he or she is shipped to your home.



FIRE morphs include Reds, Super Orange, Tangerine, Citrus and Super Citrus.




Red and Hypo Trans; Leatherbacks in Red and Citrus.

ICE morphs include Hypo Ice, Zeros, Weros and Hypo Pastels.

Our articles have also appeared in Reptiles Magazine, Reptile Care, Animal Chatter and many other publications including the June 2005 front page article, "Raising the Bar" in The Keeper formerly published by The International Fauna Society. Read our Reptiles Magazine article,"Beardie Basics."

Also see Reptiles Magazine December 2009 issue for the article, "Designing Dragons" on breeding color morphs.

NEWS! we are over the moon on being selected as The Best of the Best in the Reptiles USA annual magazine. The staff of Reptiles USA voted our Citrus dragon, "Goliath" #1 Best of the Best over every reptile color morph submitted each month for the past 15 years! 


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